Bringing clarity, accessibility, and legal protection to Web3 Intellectual Property

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3 min readJul 13, 2023


Creating products that evolve with the larger blockchain ecosystem and provide users with on-chain consumer protection has always been our mission. One of our key developments, JTC Ordinals, has recently brought a new level of clarity, accessibility, and on-chain enforcement capabilities for digital assets and their IP.

JTC Ordinals are unique in their ability to extend legal rights on to the blockchain. Using Jurat’s groundbreaking technology, we have formed a bridge between Web3 and traditional court systems, giving users the same legal rights they have come to expect in everyday life. In situations of theft, fraud, or lost private keys, Jurat’s court connectivity stands ready to help users recover their assets and protect their IP rights on-chain. This is especially valuable for artists and creators working in the pseudo-anonymous landscape, providing them the means to protect their work.

As part of our expansion, we are thrilled to announce support for addiitional file types including JPEG, JPG, PNG, GIF, SVG, and WEBP. This expansion provides greater flexibility to users, and brings legal protections on-chain for new file formats. We have designed user-friendly licensing templates that make minting with protection a breeze.

Jurat, makes IP licensing easy-to-use. Created by our team of lawyers, our pre-made templates protect the needs of everyday users and provide a seamless experience when minting and managing digital assets.

Jurat offers four distinct license types: Personal, Commercial Exclusive, Commercial Non-exclusive, and Custom.

Personal License: This is the default license type designed primarily for personal use. For digital artists looking to create a normal inscription of their artwork, the Personal License is an optimal choice. This license type allows the holder of the NFT to share and display the work while protecting artists from commercial uses.

Commercial Exclusive License: This license offers the holder the exclusive right to display the Ordinal for commercial purposes. For example, a graphic designer creating unique logo designs can mint their work as an NFT and sell the NFT with this commercial feature. The holder, potentially a business owner, can leverage this logo exclusively for all marketing and branding initiatives.

Commercial Non-Exclusive License: This license type enables multiple holders to use the Ordinal for business purposes. Suppose an outdoor photographer captures a breath-taking landscape series that a number of clothing brands want to use in their marketing. The photographer can mint it as an Ordinal edition piece, selling the rights to multiple parties. The Commercial Non-exclusive License allows the artist to expand their visibility while simultaneously serving multiple commercial interests.

Custom License: Tailored for advanced users, the Custom License offers unmatched flexibility. Users can specify unique terms by uploading their own agreement. For example, artists with unique stipulations such as prohibiting the use of art for hate speech, or limiting how many times the NFT can be resold can create a custom contract to their work.

For all licenses on the Jurat blockchain, they maintain legal enforcement to back them up. If a user violates your license you can seek legal remedies which could include payment or even return of the NFT back to you. This happens all on-chain with no intermediaries once a judge issues a decision.

JTC Ordinals have the possibility to greatly innovate and protect the Web3 space. They combine legal frameworks with the blockchain, ensuring security and legal rights on-chain. We invite you to create your own Ordinal today and unveil the exciting opportunities around this new type of digital asset.



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