The Future of Web3 Payments

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4 min readJan 13, 2023


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Are you tired of sketchy companies using crypto to rip people off?
Are you concerned about fraudsters and hackers stealing your digital assets?
Do you want to protect your legal rights when doing business in Web3?

Well, we have the answer! Say hello to Zabbo, the all-in-one Dapp for Web3 transactions. Zabbo combines the security of an escrow account with the ease of payment apps like Venmo so that you can make payments, trade coins and swap NFTs safely and easily. Zabbo uses individualized smart contracts that prevent intermediaries from ever touching your funds. Take that FTX and Celsius! And Zabbo ensures that you can get your money back if someone is trying to scam you. It’s like having your own mini-law firm built into your Web3 wallet.

Why “Zabbo”?

We chose our name in recognition of Nick Szabo, the man who invented smart contacts. Nick saw smart contracts as a way for people to do commerce over the internet safely and without involving attorneys and banks. But despite almost 30 years passing, mainstream commerce still does not use smart contracts to automate transactions because of one fundamental problem — there is no practical way for the parties to enforce their legal rights when something goes wrong.

Until now. Zabbo is the next evolution in what Nick Szabo started. It solves the legal rights dilemma by building dispute resolution into the contract code and protecting each person’s right to go to court if they cannot agree. We use a technology called “Jurat” to provide Zabbo smart contracts with decentralized access to official courts. The smart contracts can then alter their operations to execute a court’s orders automatically and without involving intermediaries (no lawyers).

So how does it work?

For payments:

You can use Zabbo to deploy legally binding smart contracts with the ease of a payment app like Venmo. Our UI helps the parties form a contract quickly and ensures that payment is held in escrow until the customer is satisfied.

Each contract has a funding date, a delivery date and a payout date, and can add any additional terms of your choosing. As soon as both parties agree, the contract payment is locked into a personalized smart contract. This protects the seller (or freelancer, or whoever is providing the goods or services) so that they can be sure they will get paid once they perform their side of the bargain.

When the contract goes smoothly, the product or service is delivered by the delivery date and the smart contract pays the seller on the payout date. Zabbo builds in a minimum of three days between delivery and payout so that the customer has time to inspect the product or service and ensure they are satisfied before the smart contract releases the payment to the seller.

If things do not go smoothly then the Zabbo smart contract will hold the payment while a dispute is decided. Zabbo provides patent pending tools that help the parties work things out and will decide the dispute for them quickly. Also, because the smart contract incorporates Jurat technology, either party can take the dispute to a U.S. court, just like with any transaction outside of Web3. When the court rules, the smart contract will enforce each side’s legal rights: issuing a full or partial refund or sending the entire payment to the seller.

You can use Zabbo smart contracts to pay with stable coins, crypto, or NFTs.

NFT Swaps:

Zabbo users can swap and sell NFTs safely, peer-to-peer. The Zabbo smart contract holds the NFTs for a pre-agreed inspection period (anywhere from an hour to several days) so that both sides have time to study the NFTs and confirm their legitimacy before the transaction goes through. The swap only happens after the inspection period is over, so if something looks wrong you can cancel the swap and have the contract return each side’s coins and NFTs.

Cross-chain swaps:

With Zabbo, you can move assets between blockchains without having to trust a centralized wrapping service to take custody. These custodians (or “bridges”) are notorious for hacks and exploits that cost crypto owners hundreds of millions of dollars. Think Nomad ($190M), Wormhole ($321M), Ronan ($620M), etc…

Zabbo smart contracts eliminates that risk by allowing you to trade on two different chains simultaneously, peer-to-peer, without giving up custody of your assets. The dispute resolution feature even allows you to swap directly between a smart contract chain (like Ethereum or Polygon) and a non-smart contract chain (like BTC or Doge) because Zabbo can return the smart contract funds if the swapping party fails to fund the wallet on the non-smart contract chain. No other service provides this capability.

Plus, the intuitive UI design of the Zabbo dashboard makes it easy to track all your engagements, payments and swaps to generate income/expense reports and help your business stay on top of your on-chain transactions.

With a focus on security and decentralization, Zabbo is revolutionizing the way people transact in crypto and is providing a new set of tools to solve the challenges businesses face daily within the Web3 space.

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